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What are the best supplement to encourage 4c hair growth

I started taking vitamin supplements 6 months ago. I use my body to test products to see if they really work.

I have taken B-Complex for 30 years. Biotin for 10 yrs and Manganese and Zinc for 8 yrs.

From a teenager I have always had dry thin brittle hair that didn’t grown fast nor become thick. As I have aged the shedding, has caused hair loss on my crown.

I realize that the food we eat does not have nutrients in the soil therefore we are eating dead green veggies and fruits unless the farmers who grow then are treating the soil before planting the seeds. After doing my research I started eating more live plant base foods because  proper nutrition is often a primary cause of  shedding, splitting, thinning, hair loss.  Vitamin deficiencies  in the food is the key cause.  I desire Great hair and a healthy scalp.


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  1.   bribri Says:


    Great question! Type 4c hair is sometimes said to be the hardest to grow (which isn’t true). It just requires care and attention.

    First off, to answer your question, I used the #1 hair vitamin recommended on this site http://www.hairgrowthhq.com and it works! Within 6 months, I saw growth and have been taking it since.

    You are right that foods rich in nutrients play a role, but keep a healthy diet everyday, and trying to get all the vitamins I needed became a pain, so I just opted for a vitamin, and happy I found their site.

    Other things to take into consideration is your hydration level. Drinking water is SOOOO important for hair growth. Like no joke, dehydration can cause hair loss.

    Also get a good amount of sleep, and do a scalp massage every other day before bed!

    Those are what helped my hair (type 4 c) grow. To maintain moisture I used water and a sealant, and deep conditioned often.

    Hope this helps! and check out their site http://www.hairgrowthhq.com and try the #1 supplement they recommend for hair growth! It really does work! … oh and for the biotin thing, people think biotin is king for hair growth, and that’s not true. There are a ton of other vitamins that help with hair growth. Too much biotin is actually bad and can cause breakouts.

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