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Know your Hair Type So you Can Take Excellent Care of it

https://www.pinterest.com/explore/hair-type-chart/I just found out 3 months ago that I  have 4c hair. I never knew that we as Hebrew Blacks had different hair types. Thanks to so many of us  going back to the natural state of our hair we can grow it as long as any other race. I have tried lots of shampoos […]

Foods I eat to increase Hair Growth

Hair growth is so important to (both men and women). Growing longer hair is said to be a women glory.  I realize genetics will play a part in  hair growth and type, as well as the foods that we eat for  proper hair growth. In my search to give my hair the proper foods for my […]

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What are the best supplement to encourage 4c hair growth

I started taking vitamin supplements 6 months ago. I use my body to test products to see if they really work. I have taken B-Complex for 30 years. Biotin for 10 yrs and Manganese and Zinc for 8 yrs. From a teenager I have always had dry thin brittle hair that didn’t grown fast nor […]

How to Keep your Hair Healthy on a Budget

Try using baking soda to wash your hair. I know that sounds to funny to be true but it will really make your scape feel clean. You should wash your hair every day or week. It mostly depends on your hair type.  If you color your hair the baking soda does not scrip your hair of its […]

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